Saturday, October 3, 2009


The rain is coming the air is brisk
The summer has past by way to fast
As we all know winter is near
I am wondering how long it will last

The trees have lost their beauty
It fell upon the ground
To soon for me as I look to the sky
They are each trees beautiful crown

As the LORD changes all the seasons
We like to complain sometime
It’s either to hot or to cold
But each has their very own sign

Sometimes we see the seasons
For just things that we can do
Remember the LORD has his reason
For giving them to me and you

So now I look out and see the rain
And think yes this day is good
We need this too for all the things
So be happy like we should

Winter is also GODS beauty
The snow falls gently some days
This too has a reason to be here
LET me thank HIM today as I pray

By Joyce C lose

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